~Come live with us

An extraordinary program to experiment and immerse yourself in the connection and values of community life for a month.

Community Life Campus offers four weeks of life and work. Discover the most famous Spiritual Community in the world through the stories of its creators. Journey into the communities of Federation, visit historical places and the Temples of Humankind accompanied by the stories of those who contributed to making this unique experience grow and flourish.

A working campus contributes to the many ongoing projects within the community, and assists in developing new ones. This unique experience will allow you to contact the energies of the territory and the forces that inhabit it. It is an immersion into the Damanhurian lifestyle, into the hopes, dreams and daily challenges of its citizens. Enter the experience of community life and find out if Damanhur is the place for you.

So get ready to tell your story, to get to know the story of your travel companions, share your skills, learn new ones, and express yourself creatively through play and marvelling the beauty that surrounds you!

Let's be optimistic! We strongly believe that we will be able to travel again, and live this intense extraordinary experience in total safety and compliance with anti-COVID rules.

Here is the unique opportunity for those who want to continue living and dreaming with us!

The Time of Inspiration

September 15 – October 13 In the aura of the Autumn Equinox

Having reaped the fruits of Summer, during this campus we prepare for the energies of Autumn alternating between moments of collective work and meditation in nature. Four weeks of deep inner listening, to yourself, of others and the life that surrounds us, in order to find new equilibriums and inspirations that will guide us in 2022. The 21st of September we will celebrate the Spring Equinox immersed in the woods, surrounded by streams of water and Music of the Plants!

In this Campus we will immerse ourselves in nature, work in contact with the earth and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the Autumn Equinox. Contact with the land will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the Music of the Plants will accompany us during some meditations in the most evocative sites of the Community of Arca Tentyris.

We will also deepen our knowledge of Damanhur, visiting its territories, the Temples of Humankind and come into contact with the stories of those who have lived in the community for many years. On the 21st of September we will celebrate the Autumn Equinox together, where each person will be able to direct the energy of this special moment to find inspiration and launch new dreams for 2022, or to strengthen what is already set in their lives.

It will be a month of deep connections, new inspirations and Magic!


4 hours a day for 5 days a week, on the territory of the community.
A daily immersion in nature to cure the land and cultivate biologically with your hands.


Visit the Communities and the Temples of Humankind.Deepen your knowledge of Damanhur visiting historic and sacred places of the Federation, enter into contact with the projects and dreams that animate the different Communities.

Meditation and Sharing

A time dedicated to listening to oneself, to others, and to Nature. The Music of the Plants will guide us into deep contact with ourselves and the subtle forces around us. You will listen to the story of your fellow travel companions, you will learn from them, and share what you want about yourself.

Free Time

One day a week dedicated to whatever you wish. You can choose to explore the natural beauty of the Valchiusella Valley, visit the Egyptian Museum of Turin or other historical sites, relax by reading a book, or devote time for selfcare to your body and spirit... A day just for you!


few spots available

ask for details
All inclusive

Included in the price:

- Food and accommodation in communities
- Visit to the Temples of Humankind
- Transport and visits to the Damanhurian territories

Any activity and meal outside the program are excluded.



ADDRESS Regione Tentyris 1,
10039 Val di Chy (TO)
YOU Can contact us directly Mon-Fri: 09.00 -19.00

the Campus is organized by the Community Arca Tentyris

The Arca Tentyris Community is one of the four that make up the Federation of Damanhur. It's citizens have decades of experience in the field of housing, solidarity, economy, environmental sustainability and social-spiritual exchange. 

Arca Tentyris is composed of 6 family nuclei. The family nuclei are large homes in which about twenty people of all ages live together supporting various projects, from sustainability to projects connected to sharing and exchange with other communities in Italy, and the world.